Sham Shamilzadeh

Dear Friends and Family,

On October 28, 2018, I will be participating in the MAY5K to help raise funds for the MAY Scholarship Fund, and to assist the MAY G.O. in running its programs for our school and student body. Every single dollar we raise goes straight to MAY, and will directly benefit a student in our yeshiva. There are just over 200 students at MAY, and each one looks forward to the incredible programs that the G.O. puts together. Please contribute by clicking on the donate button - all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting me, and for supporting MAY!

Recent Donors

  • Shimmy Schepansky




  • Ely Shamilzadeh


  • Zarine Shamilzadeh


  • Sharon Shamilzadeh




  • Sham Concept to Completion


  • Phyllis Lehman


  • Tsvi Greenfield


  • Erica Goodstein


Goal: $5000


Funds raised: $2720 of $5000